ACES Snow Policy

Heavy storms and inclement weather may cause an interruption of service for some higher elevation customers due to unsafe road conditions.  ACES will make efforts to provide service during these conditions, but equipment size and weight can increase the risk factor to providing safe collection.

ACES will go back to collect inaccessible streets as they become safe for our trucks, and when personnel and equipment availability permit.

Please leave your carts out where they can be serviced by ACES trucks, but in locations that do not interfere with the snowplow path.

If your street remains unserviceable for a prolonged period of time, ACES will pick up ALL of your trash on the next scheduled route day for no extra charge if credit has not been previously issued.

If a credit issue has been requested by customer for a missed pickup, the customer will be billed for any trash greater than fits level-full into their cart at the next normal service day.

If you wish to self-haul to either the Western Amador Recycling Facility or Pine Grove Transfer Station, you must first contact the office at 209-274-2237, and a Customer Service Representative will notify the transfer station prior to your arrival.