Bear Essentials

  • They are most common in elevations above 3,000 Feet, but we have seen them as low as Ione & Jackson
  • Black Bear population has increased over the past 30 years and is estimated to be upwards of 40,000
  • Black Bears diet consists primarily of insects, acorns, Manzanita berries and roots.
  • When it comes to food, Black Bears will eat whatever is easy. They are attracted to garbage and pet food.
  • Bears who become accustomed to eating pet food and garbage can become a nuisance.
  • To learn more about California Black Bears, please visit the California Fish & Wildlife website.

bear with them

  • Don't leave pet or livestock food out overnight.
  • Rinse out containers before putting them in your trash or recycling.
  • Bag your waste before it goes into Trash, this help reduce odors.
  • Try keeping bones, trimmings, fish remains in the freezer until collection day.
  • ACES offers a 96 Gal Bear resistant cart, call 209-274-2237 to get yours today.