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At ACES we are committed to our community and environment. We encourage all of our community members to participate in our comprehensive recycling program. Participating in this eco-friendly practice will allow discarded items to be reused in a manner that reduces pollution, landfill, and creates a sustainable source of materials for everyday items.

For more information about enrolling in ACES curbside recycling program please contact us by email us, or call and speak with an ACES representative at 209-274-2237, Monday through Friday between 9 am - 4 pm.

A list of acceptable items for curbside recycling is provided below.

32 gal recycling cart

Routes are serviced by an automated truck and provided with a blue 32 gallon recycling cart. All other routes are provided two orange bags per week.

Orange bag recycling

Orange bag recycling is picked up weekly along with your trash. You are allowed two orange bags per week, and some bundled cardboard.

64/96 gal recycle cart

Customers using 32 gallon recycle carts may upgrade to a 64 or 96 gallon recycle cart for a nominal monthly fee.

Orange bags program

Orange bags are provided by ACES in areas serviced by our smallest trucks. In October 2020 we began rolling out a new program. All new customers will receive a 64 gal recycle cart and year supply of bags. Existing customers will continue to receive 2 bags per week as we roll out the new program across the county.


All colors of glass food & beverage containers

Aluminum or tin cans (please remove lids from cans & rinse)

Plastic bottles, jugs & jars

Newspapers and any inserts that come with it

White and colored paper

Computer paper

Junk Mail

Brown paper grocery bags

Post-it notes

Window envelopes

Paper egg cartons

Flattened cereal/cracker/shoe boxes (with plastic liners removed)


Dirty Aluminum Foil

Dirty Pizza Boxes

Food or moisture contaminated paper products such as paper plates, cups, napkins, towels & tissues

Waxed juice boxes or milk cartons

Scrap metal, ceramics, Pyrex, window glass, mirrors or light bulbs, dishes, safety or auto glass

No non-container plastic such as plastic bags, plastic wrap, hoses, toys, plastic plates, cups, straws

No Styrofoam cups, food trays, packaging or packing material

Rag clothes

Packaging, liners, paper dishware or utensils