Specializing in JUNK removal

Spring cleaning • Cleaning out your garage • Rental property cleanup • Remodeling

EZ CLEAN UP will load, clean up, and haul away your unwanted stuff at a very reasonable price.

EZ CLEAN UP is fast and efficient, licensed and insured.

EZ CLEAN UP handles commercial waste, construction debris and rental property cleanups.


EZ CLEAN UP specializes in JUNK removal


Property Management/Real Estate Cleanup

Construction Site Cleanup

Call us for professional help with your commercial junk removal needs


Furniture: Couches • Mattresses • Etc.

Appliances: Refrigerators • Stoves • Washers

Misc Junk: Boxes • Books • Tires • Old Tools

Wood: Garden Refuse • Firewood • Old Lumber


Too much junk for weekly pick-ups? But not enough for a debris box? EZ CLEAN UP has pricing for jobs of all sizes



No room for a debris box? No problem! EZ CLEAN UP will load your junk into a truck and remove it the same day.



No time to oversee the cleanup? Our EZ CLEAN UP crew will take care of everything while you’re at work or out of town.



Difficult access? Our crews will load your junk even if it’s in the backyard or upstairs. And they’ll sweep up afterwards.



What we do not take: Paint, chemical, solvents, oil drums (unless empty with top and bottom removed), oil and propane tanks, any hazardous materials. Not sure? CALL US!

How much will it cost?

Without actually seeing your junk it’s difficult to give you an accurate price over the phone.

We will come to your property and give you a firm no-obligation price based on what kind of junk you have, how much there is, and where it’s located.

Your estimate will include all labor, hauling and disposal fees (including special fees for items like refrigerators). We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at EZ CLEAN UP’s reasonable fees.

Why EZ CLEAN instead of a debris box? We do all the loading – you don’t even need to get it to the curb.

Where your junk ends up?

EZ CLEAN UP recycles appropriately and guarantees proper landfill disposal of your junk.

We will provide proof of proper disposal on request.

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