Location and Hours

19801 Berry Street
Pine Grove, CA 95665

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Saturday
9am – 12pm
1pm – 4pm

The Transfer Station periodically closes for routine maintenance and inspection. Please check our yearly calendar for a full Transfer Station Schedule.


Potential for Periodic Adjustment to Closing Time

The Pine Grove Transfer Station (PGTS) operates under a State of California Solid Waste Facility Permit which allows a maximum of 99 tons taken into the facility per day, and 125 vehicles per day.

The PGTS occasionally reaches its permitted daily tonnage and/or daily maximum vehicle count. When PGTS reaches its current daily allowable tonnage or vehicle count we will be required to close the gate for the remainder of that day and re-open for business the next morning. All vehicles coming to the facility will be turned away.

The PGTS is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm. We close from 12 pm - 1 pm daily. We estimate that the maximum daily tonnage or vehicle count will not be reached before late afternoon, and generally never on Saturday. However, any customers arriving after the maximum tonnage or vehicle count is reached will be directed to the Buena Vista facility in Ione or return to the PGTS at a later date. Therefore it may be helpful to arrange your visit to PGTS during non-peak hours. Non-peak hours are typically Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the morning hours.


Pine Grove Transfer Station Rates (Effective January 1, 2024)

1 can

2 cans

3 cans

4 cans

5 cans

Loose yards

55 gal drum

Appliance: Non-Freon









$44.50 per cubic yard

$20.00 each

$39.75 each

$29.75 per cubic yard

$44.50 each

$77.25 per cubic yard

Mattress ( Dirty or Greater than 4)

Mattress ( Clean /  up to 4 pieces )

MRF Tonnage


Wood waste

Yard waste

Tires 19” or smaller

Tires 20"- 40" No Comm/Business


Oil/Oil filters

Household Recycling

$25.75 each


$180.00 per ton

$96.00 each

$25.75 per cubic yard

$25.75 per cubic yard

$12.50 each

$19.25 each

1/2 yard free, then $44.50 per yard

No charge

No charge

There is a $3.00 per load county surcharge. The above rates DO NOT include the County Surcharge of $3.00 per load.


Aluminum cans, clean foil & containers

Clean cardboard, up to 1/2 a yard


Clean paper, bags, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, paper egg cartons, telephone books and white paper

Oil and Oil Filters

Plastic bottles, jugs and jars

Televisions, Monitors, Computers & Microwaves


No hazardous waste

Ashes are not accepted

Auto batteries, batteries of any kind

Paint & thinners of any kind

Pool chemicals

Railroad Ties

Injection needles

Pesticides & insecticides

Non-empty aerosol cans

Household cleaners

Tree stumps

Universal waste - batteries, fluorescent tubes, mercury thermostats or switches. If you have any questions regarding these items, contact Amador County Waste Management Department at (209) 223-6429.